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  • Comprehensive application security testing requires time, tools and talent – all things your team may be short on. Trustwave can help.

    With Trustwave App Scanner Managed, you get efficient experts utilizing our trusted application security testing platform for quick, accurate and high-value results.


  • Trustwave App Scanner Managed provides the best of both worlds: You get our highly accurate behavior-based vulnerability detection engine and the experts who know how to use it best. App Scanner can detect vulnerabilities from up to 128 categories, which our experts will validate and rank to maximize your effectiveness in remediating and mitigating risks.

  • App Scanner Managed quickly provides authoritative security assessments.

    Patented, dynamic security testing technology (Cenzic Hailstorm engine) used by our experts provides industry-leading app vulnerability detection results.

  • Basic, Standard or Premium price points, based on depth of scanning, covers apps as widely as needed.

    Vulnerability scanning exists for mobile applications as well.


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    No new investment in hardware, software or dedicated security staff

    Free re-scans and continuous monitoring of production apps

    Granular risk scoring to prioritize list of vulnerabilities and remediation advice

    Blue Gears


    Choice of scanning depth per app to balance cost and security needs

    Extensible, shares data with App Scanner Enterprise for hybrid offering

    Mobile application security testing as needed



    Managed scans via leading application vulnerability scanning platform

    Protects web, cloud and mobile applications

    Accurate, behavior-based detection

How It Works

  • Trustwave App Scanner Managed creates a custom portal. Simply enter the URL of the cloud or web application you wish to test, and any login or input data required to traverse the application. Our on-demand experts will conduct a validated security scan and notify that the security report is available in your portal account. Click on the link to download a PDF report that contains a summary graph of the detected vulnerabilities, details about those defects and how to fix the flaws.

    App Scanner Managed provides experts using Trustwave’s powerful application testing platform to find vulnerabilities in your web, cloud and mobile applications. Its patented Hailstorm scanning engine contains an emulated browser, which traverses applications just as a user would. Hailstorm conducts mock “attacks” designed to reveal whether particular vulnerabilities could be exploited by criminal hackers. Hailstorm looks at actual behavior, as opposed to code strings, so it is accurate with very few false positives. In addition, it can detect more than 128 categories of vulnerabilities in web applications, web services and cloud and mobile applications.

  • App Scanner Managed Screenshot Request application security assessment scans via your private portal.

    HARM Screenshot26 types of vulnerability reports cover a range of compliance regimes, include PCI, with summary findings and detailed best-practice remediation advice.


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