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  • Trustwave Secure Email Gateway Service Provider Edition (SPE) is a business enablement solution that allows managed and internet service providers to deliver an end-to-end email security service – all while maintaining full ownership of customer relationships.

    With Trustwave SPE you’ll never hear, “We can’t do that,” because unlike other solutions, Trustwave SPE empowers you to provide the exact service your customers require – letting you decide what can and cannot be done based on your business needs.


  • Built on the award-winning Trustwave Secure Email Gateway, Trustwave SPE goes beyond powerful email security to help you solve your common business issues as well, such as administration, policy management, provisioning and workflow.

    Trustwave SPE provides unmatched flexibility and granularity to let you manage the solution, set your desired service levels and own your customer engagements from end to end.

    • Gain significant recurring revenue stream through subscription business model
    • Modular service options and flexible pricing plans
    • Purpose-built architecture, featuring multi-tenancy, scalability and redundancy
    • Simplified administration and provisioning to manage your customer engagements
    • Easily adapt and manage based on your and your customer’s business requirements


    • Threat Protection

      Trustwave Secure Email Gateway incorporates industry-leading web threat intelligence to effectively thwart emails that contain malicious URLs and deliver real-time, zero-day protection against the latest email-borne threats. Using our proprietary technologies, SpamProfiler, SpamBotSensor and SpamCensor, you can experience a consistent 99.5% spam catch rate with near zero false positives - all with no special tuning.

    • Data Loss Prevention

      Trustwave Secure Email Gateway analyzes, manages and controls outbound content to provide full DLP-level inspection on emails and attachments to effectively manage confidential data and help meet stringent regulatory and industry requirements. Usingcustom Text Censor classifications, you can develop the DLP policy that meets your exact business needs.

    • Extensive Policy Control

      Trustwave Secure Email Gateway provides unmatched policy configuration flexibility with an advanced engine that allows for the building of custom rules based on trigger points, content filtering and other policies at a highly detailed level. Implementpolicies based on virtually any aspect of the message (e.g. header, attachment, body, etc) or by user, department or domain. Trustwave Secure Email Gateway helps you solve many business process needs that far exceed the capabilities of normal email securitysolutions.

    • Email Governance Best Practices

      Trustwave Secure Email Gateway empowers organizations to implement and optimize content and DLP policies with its monitoring mode. Easily check a rule's effect to make adjustments before implementing more stringent quarantine policies.

    • Blended Threat Module

      BTM rewrites URL's embedded in emails to route them through a cloud-based instance of Trustwave Secure Web Gateway (SWG) to protect against malware and phishing attacks in real-time for any device. With attackers compromising URLs sometimes days after sending the malicious email, it is imperative to scan embedded URLs each, and every, time the URL is clicked. The Trustwave Blended threat module ensures that even when you click on URLs in emails from a mobile device, you are protected. Trustwave BTM works with both on-premise SEG and SEG Cloud through a completely cloud based infrastructure.

    • Flexible and Comprehensive Reporting

      Trustwave SPE provides extensive reporting capabilities for you and your customers. You can easily schedule automatic generation of reports or run reports on demand, and reports can cover a range of criteria, including bandwidth usage, cost apportioning,triggered rules and reports by domain, customer, customer group or department.

    • Multi-Tenancy, Scalability and Redundancy

      Trustwave SPE is purpose built to meet the needs of even the largest service provider environments. Management, reporting and configuration are multi-tenant and capable of managing thousands of different customers across multiple nodes within a single Trustwave SPE installation - all linked together and managed from the SEG Array Manager.

      Its architecture is highly scalabe and is currently used in environments supporting hundreds of thousands of users. Trustwave SPE is also highly available, with redundancy built in by design. Email processing nodes can be connected in load-balanced, redundant arrays ensuring always-on availability while allowing for maintenance and support.

    • Adapt and Manage Based on Your Needs

      Trustwave SPE delivers unmatched flexibility and granularity that empowers you to provide the exact service your customers require. You define the service and service levels that meet your requirements, allowing you to fully align with your customer'sneeds. Need a special policy for just one customer? No problem with Trustwave SPE, because you decide what can or cannot be done.

How It Works

  • Extensive Service Offerings

    Trustwave SPE enables you to offer your customers a range of services that can be tailored according to your requirements, including: email security (anti-spam and anti-virus), content security and encryption.

    • Simplified Administration and Provisioning

      Trustwave SPE makes it easy to manage policies, user accounts and messages spread across multiple servers - all simplified with a centralized management console. Comprehensive logging assists with diagnostics and troubleshooting, while administrative auditing allows you to track who has made changes, when the changes were made, and what was changed.

      Billing and accounting systems can be integrated through exporting of report and log records. Trustwave SPE also provides an API for full integration with external applications, such as those for billing and provisioning new customers.

    • Service-Level Commitments

      Trustwave understands that you want to offer the highest levels of assurance and reliability to your customers. Trustwave SPE is capable of supporting even the most stringent service-level agreements, including:

      Uptime: Trustwave SPE architecture can achieve network uptimes of 99.999%.

      Spam Filtering: Trustwave SPE can achieve spam-blocking rates of 99.5% or better with a false positive rate of 0.001%.

      Virus Blocking: Trustwave SPE can use a range of scanners to deliver 100% detection of known viruses, plus security policies can quickly be implemented to block new outbreaks before scanners are updated.

  • Trustwave SEG Service Provider Edition at a Glance

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