• Building Blocks for Scale and Integration

    Our security technologies are built on our scalable and extensible Trustwave Technology Architecture, which includes TrustOS®, TrustedSentry® and the TrustKeeper® Portal. TrustOS is the common software platform that unifies our security technology products. TrustedSentry is our standardized hardware model. Together, these technology building blocks deliver greater efficiency by allowing for easy scaling and rapid integration across our products, as well as third-party solutions.

    • TrustOS® Operating System

      TrustOS is our unified operating system for our on-premise security services, whether delivered as self-contained technology products or as those fully managed from the cloud. With a common, reliable Linux-based operating system designed specifically for our product appliances, we streamline and unify our development efforts across our comprehensive product portfolio. As a result, you get appliances that feature high availability, easier upgrading and secure communication with the Trustwave cloud.

      • Common software platform that unifies our on-premise security technologies
      • Designed specifically for Trustwave appliances
      • Enables secure communication with the Trustwave cloud
    • TrustedSentry® Appliances

      TrustedSentry is our standardized hardware family that supports a common set of systems upon which Trustwave's appliance-based products and services are based. Our TrustedSentry appliance line supports better performance, capacity and redundancy, leveraged across Trustwave's product line that enables the reliability, availability and operational excellence that our customers have come to expect.

      • Standardized hardware appliances purpose-built for Trustwave
      • Supports better performance, capacity and redundancy
      • Drives reliability, availability and operational excellence
    • TrustKeeper® Portal

      Trustwave TrustKeeper is our intuitive, easy-to-use portal that offers unique visibility into and control over your security. Behind the scenes, TrustKeeper is a cloud-based gateway to a powerful technology platform that unifies our threat, vulnerability and compliance services. With TrustKeeper, you can manage Trustwave technologies that leverage TrustOS and TrustedSentry appliances, in addition to many third-party devices.

      Learn more about the Trustwave TrustKeeper Portal

      • Easy-to-use management portal
      • Unifies Trustwave security, compliance and intelligence services
      • Manages TrustedSentry appliances through the Trustwave cloud