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Research Report2016 Trustwave Global Security Report


The 2016 Trustwave Global Security Report is the industry's definitive publication on cybercrime and cyberattack trends. Based on hundreds of data breach investigations, extensive product telemetry and renowned research, the report will guide you through the latest means, motivations and modus operandi of the modern-day cybercriminal - and offers actionable guidance so you can stay ahead of your adversaries. Featuring three sections - Data Compromise, Threat Intelligence and The State of Security - and littered with digestible graphics throughout, the report is essential reading that you will find yourself referencing throughout the year. Whether you are trying to generally understand the cybercrime landscape or searching for a technical deep-dive on specific topics, the report has it all.

  • Date Added:April 19, 2016
  • File:PDF, 2.51 MB
  • Type:Research Report