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Data SheetTrustwave Data Forensics and Incident Response Services

Responding to a data-loss incident quickly and in an organized manner is paramount in containing a breach, limiting exposure, stemming losses and preserving evidence. With Trustwave's complete suite of Data Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) services, you can respond with confidence to a security incident knowing you're backed by Trustwave SpiderLabs' decades of incident response expertise and experience responding to thousands of data security incidents.

Emergency Response

If you have reason to believe you've been breached, contact Trustwave now. Whether law enforcement has notified you of customer information appearing in unauthorized locations or you suspect you may have been breached but can't prove it, Trustwave can help. We will identify the breach and its impact, secure evidence, and be your advisor in handling the press, employees and law enforcement agencies, as well as, provide litigation support.

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