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Webinar Evolving Your Security Strategy to Overcome Business Challenges

Organizations are having to cover more ground than ever when it comes to security. Yet businesses often lack the in-house skills and resources, so security leaders are turning to MSSPs to help bear the burden to ensure every area of risk is adequately attended to.

Guest speaker, Forrester Research VP and Principal Analyst, Ed Ferrara, explains how MSS is changing the conversation for businesses to achieve security goals. Ed tackles your biggest security concerns such as: 

  • Overcoming the skills shortage
  • Where to focus the budget - spending trends across industries
  • The value of security - pitching it as an investment not a cost to business leader
  • Improving business outcomes - leveraging MSSPs as a tactical arm to optimize IT security, efficiency and value
  • Date Added:

    March 4, 2015

  • Duration:

    59 mins 29 secs

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