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Webinar Modern Cybercrime: Staying Ahead of the Perfect Storm

Cybercrime has become a world-wide epidemic as organized crime syndicates are literally making money hand over fist in extorting businesses and stealing valuable data and company assets. Combined with a global shortage of trained security professionals and you literally have "The Perfect Storm" of cybercriminal activity.

Trustwave SpiderLabs cybersecurity expert, Brian Hussey, discusses how you can get ahead of today's cybercrime "super storm" with some simple steps and key solutions.

  • Understand who is targeting you
  • Get a handle on how they're doing it
  • Learn key tactics to combat today's modern cybercriminal

The more you know the better equipped you are to detect and prevent cybercrime - and ultimately protect your business.

  • Date Added:

    July 20, 2016

  • Duration:

    59 mins 33 secs

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