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Deception as useful as ever

Phishing and social engineering, at 55%, is the most common method by which attackers compromise organizations, followed by malicious insiders at 13% and remote access at 9%


Everything’s coming up vulnerable

100% of web applications tested displayed at least one vulnerability, with 11 as the median number detected per application.


Cross-site scripting still popular

40% of all web attacks Trustwave researchers observed in 2017 involved cross-site scripting.


If you don’t catch it yourself...

83 days is the median time between intrusion to detection for externally detected compromises. That number goes to 0 for internally detected compromises.


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Security getting in the way of IoT

57% of large and midsize businesses cite security concerns as the top barrier to greater IoT adoption.

IoT: A hot commodity

64% of large and mid-tier businesses are already using IoT technology to some extent.

Overlooking the obvious?

Just 28% of large and midsize businesses consider their IoT-related security strategy to be "very important"

Cybercrime losses mounting worldwide

$600 billion, or nearly 1% of global GDP, is lost to cybercrime every year.

Ransomware not going anywhere

Global ransomware damage costs are expected to exceed $11.5 billion annually by 2019.