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They were just 17

Suspects in U.K. National Crime Agency cybercrime cases have an average age of 17, compared to 37 in drug cases and 39 in economic crime cases.

A real pressure cooker

Fifty-three percent of IT security pros felt more pressures to secure their organizations in 2016 compared to 2015.

Reaching out for help

Eighty-three percent of IT security pros plan to or already partner with a managed security services provider.

Head in the clouds

Of emerging technologies, the cloud overwhelmingly presents the most pressure to adopt and deploy, but the Internet of Things (IoT) and social media are increasingly applying pressure.

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Too quick on the trigger

Sixty-five percent of respondents feel pressure to roll out IT projects before they undergo the necessary security checks and repairs.

Evenly matched

IT security practitioners are nearly split - 51% to 49% - over who poses the greatest threat: external adversaries versus trusted insiders.

How IT pros get the boot

A data breach that becomes public is a fireable offense for 38% of organizations.

Infosec turnover

36% of businesses report employee turnover is higher among security professionals than other parts of the business.

Coming up empty

57% of organizations report that finding and recruiting skilled IT security personnel is a "significant" or "major" challenge.