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Coming up empty

57% of organizations report that finding and recruiting skilled IT security personnel is a "significant" or "major" challenge.

Infosec turnover

36% of businesses report employee turnover is higher among security professionals than other parts of the business.

How IT pros get the boot

A data breach that becomes public is a fireable offense for 38% of organizations.

Malware everywhere

59% of organizations have experienced a malware infiltration in the past six months.

Skipping the test

19% of organizations have not conducted security testing in the past six months.

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The importance of security testing

More than two-thirds of organizations consider security vulnerability testing to be a best practice.

Ransomware causalities

30% of organizations experienced a successful ransomware attack over the past year.

Worse before it gets better

77% of organizations believe the problem of ransomware has gotten worse or stayed the same over the past year.

Bogus boss scams

27% of organizations encountered a CEO fraud attack in the past 12 months.