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SpiderLabs Threat Intelligence Program

So a lot of people have been asking me "What do you do at Trustwave?" and I tell them I am the Threat Intelligence Manager. People usually start to smile like that's some kind of joke, like I manage intelligence or something and then they realize I am serious and they get this puzzled look on their face because they don't really know what Threat intelligence really is.

Trustwave SpiderLabs: My First Nine Days

I'll be honest; I don't think I really understood the breadth of Trustwaves offerings when I accepted the job. Sure they do a lot of PCI stuff but they are also a CA, do internal and external pen testing, code review, forensics, malware analysis, even physical security, and a ton of other stuff.

Death to PDF!

SpiderLabs customers are frustrated with PDF reports: You can't search them You can't sort them You can't assign pieces of them You can't trend them PenTest Manager, the reporting tool used by Trustwave SpiderLabs to manage, track and report results...