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PenTest Manager 2.0 - Attack Sequences

Trustwave recently launched PenTest Manager 2.0, a major enhancement of the innovative Trustwave reporting tool used by SpiderLabs team member during penetration testing. PenTest Manager 2.0 provides a significant reporting upgrade in the form of Attack Sequences. These allow for...

Pentesting like an Eastern European

Through SpiderLabs' Incident Response (IR) and Penetration Testing services we get a chance to both see 'bad actor' techniques in the field and help our clients test how their security controls will stand up to them. One trend we've seen in our IR engagements is a move away from malicious parties stealing 'data at rest' to targeting it as flows through IT infrastructure. This post gives a general overview of how attackers are targeting dynamic data and elaborates on some of the tools and techniques SpiderLabs use to steal information stored in memory during our penetration tests.

Stolen Laptop Recovery via OSX Trap Partition

My Macbook Air has 2 partitions, one that is my normal everyday partition that is encrypted with FileVault2, and a 2nd partition that has Prey installed and ready to set my Mac as stolen as soon as it is...