Microsoft Patch Tuesday, December 2017

Today marks the last Microsoft Patch Tuesday of 2017 and, with only 34 CVEs patched, it's one of the smallest releases of the year. 19 of those CVEs are rated "Critical" and 15 are rated "Important". Of course the Microsoft Scripting Engine is back and represents the wide majority of patches with 16 "Critical" and 7 "Important" vulnerabilities resolved this month. However the big spotlight this month are two separate Remote Code Execution vulnerabilities in the Microsoft Malware Protection Engine. It's never a good thing when the software meant to protect you actually introduces more risk to your environment, but security software, like all software, is not immune to security issues.

Under the "Important" rated vulnerabilities several affect the Office suite, including Information Disclosure vulnerabilities and a Remote Code Execution vulnerability in Excel. On the server side of things, patches are available for a spoofing issue in Microsoft Exchange Server, a privilege escalation vulnerability in Sharepoint and a Remote Code Execution vulnerability in the Windows RRAS Service.

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Trustwave SpiderLabs! May your New Year start securely!


December 2017 Flash Security Update
Remote Code Execution

Microsoft Edge Memory Corruption Vulnerability
Remote Code Execution

Microsoft Malware Protection Engine Remote Code Execution
CVE-2017-11937, CVE-2017-11940
Remote Code Execution

Scripting Engine Memory Corruption Vulnerability
CVE-2017-11886, CVE-2017-11889, CVE-2017-11890, CVE-2017-11893, CVE-2017-11894, CVE-2017-11895, CVE-2017-11901, CVE-2017-11903, CVE-2017-11905, CVE-2017-11907, CVE-2017-11908, CVE-2017-11909, CVE-2017-11910, CVE-2017-11911, CVE-2017-11914, CVE-2017-11918
Remote Code Execution


Microsoft Excel Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
Remote Code Execution

Microsoft Exchange Spoofing Vulnerability

Microsoft Office Information Disclosure Vulnerability
Information Disclosure

Microsoft PowerPoint Information Disclosure Vulnerability
Information Disclosure

Microsoft SharePoint Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability
Elevation of Privilege

Microsoft Windows Information Disclosure Vulnerability
Information Disclosure

Microsoft Windows Security Feature Bypass Vulnerability
Security Feature Bypass

Scripting Engine Information Disclosure Vulnerability
CVE-2017-11887, CVE-2017-11906, CVE-2017-11919
Information Disclosure

Scripting Engine Memory Corruption Vulnerability
CVE-2017-11912, CVE-2017-11913, CVE-2017-11916, CVE-2017-11930
Remote Code Execution

Windows RRAS Service Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
Remote Code Execution

No Risk Rating

Microsoft Exchange Defense in Depth Update

Microsoft Office Defense in Depth Update

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