ModSecurity Training at OWASP AppSec Europe

We are excited to announce that a ModSecurity 2-day training class has been added to the upcoming OWASP AppSec Europe Conference set for May 19-20 in Belgium.

We are extremely excited that OWASP has added this class to their training offerings as this allows ModSecurity users a chance to for live training, labs and discussions. The public ModSecurity mailing list is great, however nothing can beat a live environment where users can test out new features of ModSecurity 2.5 and have hands-on challenging labs where they can utilize their new ModSecurity virtual patching-fu to try and fix issues in demo buggy web applications :)

It should be a blast and we are looking forward to meeting many ModSecurity users face-to-face.

FYI - for those ModSecurity users who can't make the trip to this OWASP conference, don't despair! Keep an eye out for an announcement soon about a live 2-day Mod training offering in the US this summer.

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