5 Security Things to Know for the Week of Sept. 14

1. According to a new survey, security professionals spend most their time immersed in the tedious activity of addressing vulnerabilities - which limits their ability to stay abreast of emerging threats.

2. Researchers discovered an advanced ATM malware sample, dubbed "Suceful," that can operate across manufacturer platforms and be used to not only read all of the data on the inserted card - but also physically hold on to it.

3. The FBI wants you to take Internet of Things security seriously.

4. Authorities in Europe busted two people with allegedly major ties to the distribution of banking malware known as Citadel and Dridex.

5. As if the U.S. presidential race weren't colorful enough, millionaire anti-virus pioneer and former fugitive John McAfee is entering with the goal of restoring privacy for Americans and reforming a "dysfunctional" government.



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