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Video: Do You Know the Stats?

In our final #securitysmarts video, we quiz employees on if they know the primary cause of breaches and which type of data the crooks are after.

Video: Let's Talk About Passwords

Weak passwords have contributed to nearly a third of the breaches Trustwave investigated last year. How do employees feel about passwords? We asked them in Day 4 of our #securitysmarts video series, done in conjunction with National Cyber Security Awareness Month.

A Simple Strategy to Make Life Harder for Hackers

With weak passwords contributing to nearly a third of the data breaches Trustwave investigated in 2013, organizations must seek out additional modes of defense against credential-stealing and credential-exploiting attackers. When delivered as cloud and managed based, two-factor authentication is a useful and simple method that can protect both internal and external assets.

Two million stolen passwords: How to protect yourself

This week Trustwave security researchers uncovered a criminally controlled web server that contains nearly two million stolen account usernames and passwords for many popular sites, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google and Yahoo. Over the past few days, news outlets worldwide have reported on the discovery, and many people, including our customers, have questions about the malware, its impact and how they can protect themselves.

Top 5 Compliance Challenges for Hospitality - #4: Complex IT Environments

In this series, we’ll address the top security and compliance challenges faced by hospitality brands and properties. Last week, we highlighted the fact that the number one technology issue facing hospitality brand and property owners today is compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). But meeting PCI presents many challenges, such as lack of network segmentation.