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Shellshock - How Trustwave Has You Covered

News of an emerging threat called "Shellshock" has made waves throughout the security community by earning the most severe CVSS score. Trustwave breaks down what security practitioners need to know about Shellshock, how it works and how Trustwave can help protect your organization from being exploited by it.

The Scoop on Shellshock

The Bash, or Shellshock, bug is being compared to Heartbleed because of the vast number of servers and systems it may affect. Here is what you need to know about the dangerous Linux/Unix-based vulnerability.

Behind the Scenes of Backoff: A Q&A on the Latest Malware Danger

Backoff just won’t back off. The new family of malware has infected hundreds of point-of-sale systems nationwide and continues to make headlines. Read this Q &A with our Trustwave Threat Intelligence Manager Karl Sigler to find out how the malware is infecting systems, who it’s targeting and how businesses can protect themselves.

Why the Heartbleed Bug Won't Go Away

A new report says hundreds of thousands of servers have yet to be patched against the dangerous Heartbleed vulnerability. Here’s a reminder of steps website owners and users should take when defending themselves against the bug.

FAQs: The Heartbleed Bug

We have a big one on our hands. The Heartbleed bug exists in OpenSSL, a cryptographic library that secures a huge amount of web traffic. The fallout may continue for weeks and months to come. Here are some common questions surrounding the bug.