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New Denver Operations Facility

Trustwave has opened a new Security Operations Center (SOC) in Denver, Colo. The new SOC is a state-of-the-art facility, staffed 24x7x365 by managed security services professionals and experienced information security specialists. The Trustwave SOC team provides real-time analysis and advanced alerting of security events.

Integrated DLP and Encryption: Trustwave DataControl

Businesses worldwide are challenged when it comes to pinpointing the location of critical and sensitive data. Losing control of sensitive data can lead to fines, brand and reputation damage, and even loss of competitive advantage. To identify, monitor, audit and protect critical data, data-focused technology is required. Individual files require protection independent of hardware and software infrastructure.

10 Questions for Your CISO

Cyber security threats are increasing as quickly as businesses can implement measures against them. Because of the constant onslaught of both new and old security threats, safeguarding data assets can be overwhelming for many security teams. Simultaneously, CEOs are concerned with finding cost-effective ways to manage resources to ensure security throughout their organization and in all locations. Organizations need to not only understand current trends in security threats, but also be able to identify inherent vulnerabilities within existing systems.