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Infographic: Uneducated Employees and Their Seven Deadly Sins

Organizations that do not invest in security education for their employees put themselves at risk. In investigations of more than 300 security breaches worldwide, Trustwave found that an overwhelming 87 percent of businesses that had been breached did not have security policies, including security awareness education programs, in place. Today’s organizations also experience an average of 14.4 incidents a year of unintentional data loss through employee negligence. In this Infographic, Trustwave highlights the risk of uneducated employees and their seven deadly sins.

Survey Infographic: Discussions from Black Hat 2012

It’s one of the most pressing questions in the information security industry: Red Bull or Mountain Dew? Through a survey of more than 435 Black Hat attendees last week, Trustwave identified that Red Bull is the favorite with 55 percent of those who were at the show. On a more serious note, the survey identified what concerns security professionals most such as unwitting employees and targeted malware. Trustwave published the survey results as an infographic, along with some other information that you may find interesting.