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Video: Do You Know the Stats?

In our final #securitysmarts video, we quiz employees on if they know the primary cause of breaches and which type of data the crooks are after.

Video: Let's Talk About Passwords

Weak passwords have contributed to nearly a third of the breaches Trustwave investigated last year. How do employees feel about passwords? We asked them in Day 4 of our #securitysmarts video series, done in conjunction with National Cyber Security Awareness Month.

Video: Are Employers Behaving Badly?

Day Three of our #securitysmarts video series rolls on with interviews with everyday workers, asking them if they think their employers are doing enough to value security.

Video: Are Employees Behaving Badly?

We kicked off Day 1 of our #securitysmarts video series - which coincides with National Cyber Security Awareness Month - by asking employees whether they have behaved well while at work.

Shellshock - How Trustwave Has You Covered

News of an emerging threat called "Shellshock" has made waves throughout the security community by earning the most severe CVSS score. Trustwave breaks down what security practitioners need to know about Shellshock, how it works and how Trustwave can help protect your organization from being exploited by it.

The Scoop on Shellshock

The Bash, or Shellshock, bug is being compared to Heartbleed because of the vast number of servers and systems it may affect. Here is what you need to know about the dangerous Linux/Unix-based vulnerability.