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Behind the Scenes of Backoff: A Q&A on the Latest Malware Danger

Backoff just won’t back off. The new family of malware has infected hundreds of point-of-sale systems nationwide and continues to make headlines. Read this Q &A with our Trustwave Threat Intelligence Manager Karl Sigler to find out how the malware is infecting systems, who it’s targeting and how businesses can protect themselves.

5 Steps for Financial Firms to Get Ahead of the Attackers

The U.S. treasury secretary recently warned financial services firms that they are not doing enough to stay ahead of today's cyber threats, a misfire that could result in a huge blow to the global economic system. Where are they lacking? We offer five things for banks and others to do now - before it's too late.

Yes, Your Password is Easy to Crack

The state of passwords remains dismal, according to the latest Trustwave statistics, with easy-to-crack credentials still the norm across businesses. But automated cracking tools have gotten so good that simply picking an alphanumeric sequence is not enough anymore.

What You Need to Know About Exploit Kits

Trustwave researchers this week published their findings after studying the inner workings of the well-oiled Magnitude Exploit Kit. What steps can your organization take to keep a safe distance from this dangerous – and popular – crimeware?

Black Hat 2014: We Break Ground on our Online Trustwave Global Security Report

For the past several years, we published our Global Security Report once a year. No more. It is with great pleasure that we announce our reinvented Global Security Report – coming to you as a living, breathing and interactive website portal. The report will see continuous updates throughout the year – because the attackers never sleep, and neither do we.