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Our Top 10 Most Read Blog Posts of 2015

The security landscape has so much to give in terms of subject matter that is important to infosec professionals everywhere. As we close out 2015, here are a list of the most widely read posts of the year on our Trustwave and SpiderLabs blogs.

When Do You Know if an MSSP is Right for You?

Choosing to delegate all or some of your security to a managed security services providers can be a tough decision. How should you go about figuring out whether such a model works for your organization?

Security on the Shelf: A New Report about Wasteful Spending

Is the security software in your organization sitting on the shelf, opening you up to further risk? The new Security on the Shelf report from Osterman Research reveals that many businesses aren’t making full use - or use at all - of the security they buy. Find out why and learn valuable pointers for overcoming this 'shelfware' problem.