How to Keep Security off the Shelf and Working for You

As our recent "Security on the Shelf" report reveals, businesses spend a good chunk of change on security. Much to their dismay, however, a sizable portion of that money is going to waste.

This is the problem: Once their security purchases arrive, in-house IT teams often lack the time and/or manpower to ensure the solutions are installed and working properly. Security technologies also are complex. They require a specific set of skills to understand how to use them to their fullest.

Due to these challenges, security products can end up as 'shelfware,' sitting unused somewhere and collecting dust. A security solution is only as effective as the people who are managing it. To compensate for resource strains, while still being able to combat the latest advanced threats and protect their sensitive data, businesses require a combination of products, people and proficiency.

To help illustrate the story of shelfware and what businesses must do to ensure their security investments are paying off for them, we've created a neat, new infographic that is filled with compelling stats and practical advice. Use the tidbits and tips to get informed and spark an important discussion about wasted security purchases. And remember to share it across your organization and with your peers!

Download the Infographic (PDF)

Download the Infographic (PDF)

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