Is Managed Security Right for Your Business? [Flow Chart]

Information security is hard to get right. A variety of factors are limiting the success rate for organizations needing to protect their data and steer clear of an increasingly organized cybercriminal contingent. These inhibitors include advanced and evasive threats, stretched budgets and an ever-widening security skills gap.

But what if there were a viable alternative? What if you were able to remove these challenges and delegate the responsibility of some - or all - of your security to a trusted and expert partner with greater specialization and economies of scale? It's a question worth asking, and that is why we've created a flow chart to help you weigh this important decision. The diagram isn't scientific - many factors, of course, are at play - but consider it a very useful tool that will guide you in the right direction.

According to the 2015 Security Pressures Report from Trustwave, 78 percent of IT and security professionals already partner or are likely to partner with a managed security services (MSS) provider to relieve their infosec pressures.

 Are you ready for MSS? Find out now.

Download the Infographic (PDF)

Download the Infographic (PDF)

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