It's Not Just a European Thing: GDPR Changes the Global Landscape (Listen)

In this edition of Trustwave Talks, Senior Product Marketing Manager Dixie Fisher chats with Michael Aminzade, vice president of Global Compliance and Risk Services, about the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and its significance around the globe. Learn why Michael thinks GDPR is the most significant compliance event in the last decade and why it will continue to have relevance for decades to come.

Audio notes:

  • GDPR is really a global regulation (4:42)
  • GDPR changes how organizations interact with their customers and their employees (7:34) 
  • Consent is key (9:40) 
  • Why the payments industry has a head start on GDPR (13:25) 
  • How does an organization determine how well it's addressing GDPR (20:07)
  • The role security maturity modeling can play (25:07) 
  • Global responses to GDPR (26:19)

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