Panicking Over PCI DSS 3.0? Catch Up on the Big Changes [Video]

This year's seemingly unending onslaught of retail hacks, where attackers have flummoxed and looted some of the world's most high-profile merchants, has served as a sobering reminder of the perils businesses face in today's interconnected world.

And if the fear of a devastating breach isn't reason enough to get one's security house in order, here is another piece of urgent news: Beginning Jan. 1, merchants - including some who never before have had to participate in the process - must grapple with version 3.0 of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

In this new episode of Trustwave Talks, Online Content Manager Dan Kaplan sits down with Security Engineer and resident PCI expert Greg Rosenberg to discuss the impending deadline, the big changes afoot in the new version of the requirements and the benefit of placing security (of payment card and non-payment card data alike) ahead of compliance.



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