The Cybersecurity Skills Crisis in Numbers

Too many threats… too few professionals. That's the key point an ISACA infographic drives home about the cybersecurity skills crisis. It notes that 83% of enterprises currently lack the right skills and human resources to protect their IT assets.

As a managed security services provider (MSSP), many businesses turn to Trustwave to address skills shortages, reduce resource constraints and augment their security programs. Our customers can become less exposed to the cybersecurity skills crisis by leveraging our "shared services"--security operations centers (SOCs), analysis and threat intelligence--that scale across many organizations globally.

Our industry needs to do more to address the cybersecurity skills crisis, and Trustwave is taking an active role. But understanding the problem is the first step, and the ISACA infographic below is a great place to start.

ISACA infographic

Note: Visit ISACA's website for a larger version of this infographic.

Cas Purdy is vice president of corporate marketing and communications at Trustwave.

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