Trustwave Opens New Ethical Hacking Lab

Automated vulnerability scanning and penetration testing are two key components to secure your entire infrastructure. These security services help businesses identify and remediate weaknesses before criminals can exploit them.

To enhance these "ethical hacking" capabilities and help businesses correct any deficiencies in their infrastructure, Trustwave recently opened a new, state-of-the-art lab in our Chicago headquarters. And instead of Bunsen burners and Petri dishes, our lab equipment consists of commonly exploited technologies, such as ATMs, point-of-sale devices and surveillance systems.

At the request of businesses that deploy these technologies, our researchers are simulating real-life hackers by attempting to exploit vulnerabilities that may be present. Our hacking of these machines and systems - with permission of course - enables us to better protect these organizations and their customers.

Moreover, our SpiderLabs ethical hackers are using the lab to perform forensic assessments of real-life technologies to determine if they have been hacked. These investigations can identify information that may help law enforcement officials catch the perpetrators.

Check out this video to watch our ethical hackers in action:

Abby Ross is media relations manager at Trustwave.

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