• Trustwave offers comprehensive online Secure Development Training (SDT) for your developers, engineers and IT personnel to assist your organization in laying a foundation of security awareness and application vulnerability prevention, assessment and remediation. Developing secure software is a crucial function in defending applications - and your business - against security risks. Read on to learn more.

    Trustwave also offers onsite secure development training delivered by the SpiderLabs team at Trustwave. Contact a Trustwave sales expert for more information.

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  • Our web-based technical courses introduce your application development staff to theory and best practices around planning, writing and testing secure code. You can enroll your developers in just one of the lessons most relevant to them or give them access to an SDT lesson bundle.

    • Security Awareness & Process

      These lessons cover topics related to fundamental security awareness concepts as they relate to software development.

    • Security Engineering

      These lessons cover topics related to the employment of security awareness strategies as a Software Engineer.

    • Secure Design

      These lessons cover topics related to secure software architecture and design, to help plan security into applications before any code is written.

    • Security Testing

      These lessons cover topics related to the testing of software for security flaws and remediating defects before release.


  • Unparalleled Convenience for Self-paced Learning

    Our Secure Development Training (SDT) provides your developers, testers, project managers and architects with information on the latest components of secure software development, establishing a baseline of security awareness while preparing your staff to design, build and deploy secure software and applications.

    • Highest Quality Content

      SDT content has been provided by the industry's top subject matter experts. These practitioners bring their knowledge to your developers.

    • Role-Based Curriculum

      SDT features bundles specific to the developer, tester, architect and group manager with developer tracks in PHP, Web 2.0,Java, .NET, or C/C++ or technologies such as mobile, iOS, Android or Embedded.

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