• In today’s threat landscape, it is critical to your organization to create a vigilant culture where every employee is empowered to prevent and detect attacks, understand how to respond to security incidents and serve your customers in a secure and compliant manner.

    Trustwave Security Awareness Education (SAE), delivered on the Trustwave Cybersecurity Education platform, offers role-based security awareness content, supported by expertise from Trustwave Global Compliance and Risk Services and SpiderLabs experts.

    SAE meets the requirements of industry and regulatory compliance standards by delivering up-to-date online training that targets the right audience with the right content at the right time.


  • Our cloud-based Security Awareness Education gives your team the tools they need to help protect your sensitive and proprietary data. By educating your employees, you reduce the likelihood that your business will become a victim of today's information security threats.

    Our education program meets the requirements of common compliance standards by delivering up-to-date online training that targets the right audience with the right content.

    Trustwave Security Awareness Education is:

    • Hosted in the cloud or on-premise
    • Easy to manage
    • Easy to administer
    • Designed for a variety of employee roles, including IT and engineering staff
    • Informed by our real-world security threat and compliance expertise
    • Lessons and the portal are available in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese and can be localized in to additional languages.


    • Manage Risk

      Through awareness programs, your organization can develop a team approach to risk management that empowers every member of an organization to identify and report on risks to defend systems, networks and facilities from attack. Each member of your team can help identify vulnerabilities, suspicious activity and possible attacks, which may enable faster response and better containment of a risk when an attack happens.
    • Inform and Engage Your Users

      You can select from a range of lessons that cover security and compliance best practices. Examples include training on establishing strong and effective passwords, and recognizing and avoiding common traps like spear phishing attacks and targeted malware. We know how important it is to get the message to stick. That's why our training is informative, interactive and engaging.
    • Steeped with Expert Insight

      Our instructional designers specialize in creating effective learning tools. They work with our Global Compliance and Risk Services and SpiderLabs teams to deliver content that is uniquely informed by our applied security knowledge and compliance expertise.
    • Content Customized for Role Requirements

      Courses are comprised of lessons targeted for common organizational functions. Lessons may be mixed and matched to create a unique role-based course for your users, or you can select from the packaged role-based courses that target specific roles within your business or specific compliance needs.
    • Easy to Use and Easy to Access

      Trustwave cloud-based courses run on all major web browsers and operating systems for desktop and mobile devices, providing anywhere, anytime access. 

      The user interface makes it easy for users to track and complete their assigned training. Welcome messages, banners and online help and tutorials provide step-by-step instruction for users from the start of their coursework, to in-progress views and completion.

    • Flexible Deployment

      Your on-demand Cybersecurity Education SAE and SDT courses may be hosted in the Trustwave portal or on your own Learning Management System (LMS). Our training content is Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) 1.2 compliant.

    • Easy to Administer

      Administrators can deliver and track online training, exams, and compliance content from a single system. Administrators and other users with management access can configure training programs once and then automate the administration and oversight of training processes for enrollment, notification, progress and completion of training for all users. Email triggers and other communication can be automated and tracked.
    • Easy to Manage

      The SAE portal facilitates hierarchical tracking by multiple admin, manager and user levels to adapt to your organizational structure with distinct user group and management review needs. Advanced reporting capabilities are available for a variety of purposes, including performance comparisons and the establishment of competency standards to align desired skills with specific learning sessions.

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