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    Your business may be small but that doesn’t mean that it escapes notice from cybercriminals. Cyberattackers seek out small businesses because they know they are often the softest targets. And targeting your business is easier and cheaper than ever before with the rising use of attack automation techniques. In this hostile cyber environment, it’s never been more important to shore up your defenses. If your customers’ data is leaked, they aren’t going to give you a pass and may not come back to do business with you.

  • 71%

    of cyber-attacks occur at businesses with fewer than 100 employees

    Almost 50%

    of cardholders are likely to avoid stores hit by data breaches


    of small businesses that suffer a breach go out of business after 18 months

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    PCI Compliance


  • Fortunately, Trustwave has developed PCI Manager with the SMB Security Toolkit that meet the needs of small businesses like yours. You get the benefit of years of distilled experience from the PCI compliance and security expert in a simple-to-use package that is priced affordably for your small business. The toolkit includes Enterprise-level security made easy, such as File Integrity Monitoring (FIM), as well as remote access security, point-of-sale device monitoring, mobile security, anti-virus and more. You could easily pay seven times more for these same capabilities if you purchased them independently. And you don’t have to be an IT expert to install and maintain the tools.

    PCI Manager with the SMB Security Toolkit helps you:

    • Secure your business by providing a comprehensive toolkit that makes it easier to defend against hackers and malware
    • Simplify PCI compliance efforts with an automated workflow that reduces the number of questions you have to answer
    • Save money with 13 integrated security solutions bundled in to one affordable package
  • Overview: Simplifying PCI Compliance with TrustKeeper PCI Manager (3 mins)


    • Simplifies Security and Compliance

      TrustKeeper® PCI Manager with the SMB Security Toolkit makes it simple for you to implement security best practices and certify your Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance. The Trustwave intelligent PCI Wizard walks you through the steps that are right for your business type, making it easy for you to understand what needs to be addressed, how to find the solution, and easily check-off the task once it is complete.

    • Cost-effective Security and Compliance Services for SMBs

      PCI Manager with the SMB Security Toolkit has greater breadth than any other offering on the market. This toolkit includes 13 different security solutions designed for the needs of small and midsized businesses (SMBs). Trustwave economies of scale allow us to offer these high-value tools to you at a low cost. These capabilities could cost up to seven times more if purchased independently from other vendors, while some of the security services designed for SMBs cannot be found anywhere else.

    • Backed by Trustwave Expertise and Trusted Peers

      The extensive security and PCI compliance experience that Trustwave has garnered over the years has been re-invested back into PCI Manager to simplify and streamline the process for you. PCI Manager also integrates support every step of the way, including quick help like contextual tooltips, to more formal online Security Awareness Training courses, as well as a helpdesk team that is trained in PCI available via email, phone or online chat. You also have access to the support of the Trustwave Community right from your dashboard - an online social network where you'll be able to interact with other businesses like yours and ask questions of experts in data security and merchant processing.

How It Works

  • Trustwave is the industry leader in PCI compliance for small businesses. We create programs that help businesses improve their security posture while also becoming compliant with the PCI DSS. We're here to help you navigate the standard and meet the expectations of your program sponsor (such as your acquiring bank or processor) and the card brands (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover), as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    Our industry-leading security and compliance portal is designed with small businesses in mind - knowing that you may not have a dedicated IT staff and that the PCI DSS may be new to you. PCI Manager with the SMB Security Toolkit will guide you through the process, providing information and resources so you can secure your business simply and affordably.

    It’s Easy to Get Started

    Getting started with PCI Manager with the SMB Security Toolkit is easy. Simply visit the "Getting Started" page and you'll be guided through the entire process including registration. The workflow begins with understanding some basics about your business and credit card acceptance practices.

    If you already have a relationship with a Trustwave partner (e.g. acquiring bank or processor), they may have enrolled you into their program already. If so, you can register your account at https://pci.trustwave.com/. If you are already registered, you can log in at https://login.trustwave.com. Check with your merchant service provider or our Trustwave Support team for additional questions.


    Secure Your Business as the First Step

    Security is the foundation of compliance. Trustwave offers a number of security solutions to address your business requirements for becoming and staying secure, including managed firewall, SSL certificates, Secure Email Gateway and many more.

    Take advantage of the SMB security solutions that are included in your program to defend against hackers and malware. The SMB Security Toolkit is designed to improve your overall security posture by adding additional layers to your defenses and it can also streamline your PCI DSS compliance process.

    The full SMB Security Toolkit includes:

    Name Description Application
    PCI Network Vulnerability Scans
    (for up to 3 IPs)
    Certified external vulnerability scans designed to detect and report security shortcomings of the target physical location and/or website from the perspective of a would-be hacker. Internet-connected businesses
    Security Health Check Monitors the basic health of the endpoints to ensure security settings are in-place and active. Businesses with payment applications
    Businesses with computers
    Security Configuration Monitoring Monitors the endpoint’s security configuration against the relevant PCI Data Security Standard controls allowing you to discover and address policy and security weaknesses quickly and holistically on mobile and fixed endpoints. Businesses with payment applications
    Businesses with computers
    POS Application Detection Module Monitors the endpoints for known payment applications and reports on their compliance status. Businesses with payment applications
    Businesses with computers
    Credit Card Data Scanner (DLP) Inspects the endpoints for storage of sensitive or PCI-prohibited data including credit card data and full magnetic stripe data. Businesses with payment applications
    Businesses with computers
    Unauthorized Device Monitoring Inventories the local network as well as monitoring for unknown rogue devices. Businesses with payment applications
    Businesses with computers
    File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) Detects unexpected or malicious changes to critical system files, directories and registry settings for Windows and Linux OS endpoints. Businesses with payment applications
    Businesses with computers
    Trustwave Anti-virus (AV) Prevents, detects and removes malicious computer viruses for Windows, Linux, and Android OS endpoints. Businesses with payment applications
    Businesses with computers
    Security Policy Generator Helps the merchant meet the relevant PCI SAQ requirements and speeds the process of showing that compliance. Small merchants who need to comply with PCI DSS
    POS Tracker Helps track and monitor POS equipment for tampering and substitution. Card-present merchants with POS terminals and applications
    Mobile Device Security Audits and reports on security and compliance of the device to enable proactive defense. Mobile Android and iOS POS devices
    Remote Access Security Monitors and tracks remote access software installed and enabled on the endpoint; provides guidance on best practices for configuring remote access securely. Businesses with payment applications
    Businesses with computers
    Web Malware Monitoring Regular monitoring for malware that may be present on the merchant's website. It also tracks other issues that may affect consumer confidence in the website, such as being listed on a search engine blacklist, domain hijacking, and expired SSL certificates. Ecommerce merchants
    Businesses with websites

    Helping You Manage Security and Streamline Compliance

    The experience of using TrustKeeper PCI Manager and the SMB Security Toolkit is simple and efficient. You are guided through the workflow of implementing security best practices and achieving and maintaining compliance.


    The workflow begins by capturing basic information about your business and business environment.


    You are prompted to install the security tools that have been integrated in to your program before beginning the questionnaire so that the relevant requirements can be prefilled for you.


    PCI Manager with the SMB Security Toolkit simplifies the process for you by presenting a pathway that’s customized to your business. Trustwave’s intelligent PCI Wizard guides you to the appropriate self-assessment questionnaire and walks you step-by-step through the process of certifying PCI DSS compliance, even prefilling some of the questions for you.


    By beginning with security best practices, many of the SAQ security questions can be prefilled as shown here.

    Become and Stay Compliant

    After you have completed the streamlined compliance process with PCI Manager and the SMB Security Toolkit, PCI Manager will facilitate reporting your compliance status back to your acquiring bank or program sponsor automatically on your behalf. You can view and download milestone progress reports, download a Certificate of Compliance as well as the PCI Attestation of Compliance. You can display the TrustedCommerce® seal on your website to showcase your compliance to visitors.

    And when it comes to annual renewals, PCI Manager Express Renewal helps you easily make updates where necessary and update your certification in a fraction of the time; sometimes as little as 10 minutes.

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