• In response to the increasing likelihood of a breach, organizations are looking for ways to optimize their existing security investments to increase their detection and response capabilities. Adding more technology is no longer the only answer. But any new plan must also be agile enough to address the rapid changes in modern attacks. Security teams have a new challenge: Detect faster, respond quicker, adapt sooner.


  • Trustwave Detection, Analytics and Response Consulting (DARC) partners with organizations to tailor an approach to enhance their detection and response capabilities and improve security maturity.

    Taking in to account current people, processes and technologies, Trustwave DARC works with organizations to create an agile, go-forward plan tailored to their evolving needs.


    • Optimize Your Security Toolset

      There is no shortage of security technology. As CISO's review their budgets, questions on risk mitigation, value, and effectiveness is top-of-mind. Technology is vital, but it must be aligned to the business cyber risks in addition to enhancing detection and response capabilities.
    • Adapt to the Evolving Threat Landscape

      Every organization today faces an evolving attack surface, whether through M&A, geographic or other expansion, new technology, new regulations or other means. DARC helps organization navigate these threats as part of their cybersecurity strategy.
    • Drive Business Innovation and Growth

      Align and optimize business risk to operations, technical controls, and capabilities.
    • Empower Your Team

      The Trustwave DARC team works closely with each organization's existing security team to put new strategies and capabilities to work.

How It Works

  • Trustwave delivers an adaptive engagement model, applying our security expertise to your security challenges to craft a project scope and engagement. And with our plan, build and run methodology we can support customers through a part or all of their security program.


    Trustwave DARC combines best practices from over 20 years of security experience with well-known capabilities and maturity models to help an organization understand their current, target and future security state.


    Bringing people, processes and technology together, the Trustwave DARC team works closely with the existing security team to put new capabilities to work.


    With in-house, hybrid or outsourced options, Trustwave can continue to partner with organizations to provide ongoing operations that enhance detection and response capabilities.


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