• Your endpoints are increasingly under attack by cybercriminals who are continuously trying to run unauthorized, rogue applications which can disrupt your entire business while stealing valuable company or customer data. Without effective visibility and control of your endpoints, you’re completely vulnerable and exposed to the kind of headline making news that your company and your customers don’t want to hear about, it’s time to take back control of your endpoints as well as your security.


  • Trustwave’s Managed Application Control (MAC) solution is the industry’s most comprehensive endpoint whitelisting solution available, combining a trust-based and policy-driven approach to application control with real-time threat intelligence. MAC continuously monitors and records all endpoint and server activity to prevent, detect and respond to cyber threats that evade traditional security defenses.

    The Trustwave MAC service gives you the freedom to outsource the day-to-day operations of administering trusted software within your enterprise, while retaining complete control of your corporate security policies. Flexible service levels offer your security team to the ability to operate the entire solution on their own or leverage a fully administered, fully managed offering with real-time, around the clock monitoring by Trustwave security experts world-wide.


  • Regain control of your endpoints with real-time visibility into application usage as well as flexible control options which allow you to proactively prevent attacks, rapidly identify malicious activity and terminate unauthorized behaviors before they negatively impact your operations.

    • Default-Deny

      Proactively prevent attacks with trust-based and policy-driven application control.

    • Detect-and-Deny

      Leverage signature-less advanced threat indicators to rapidly identify and ban malicious files.

    • Detonate-and-Deny

      Automatically identify and ban malicious files via detonation services.

    • Achieve your target security posture while retaining control of your security policies
    • Maintain best practices and ensure your policies and rules are optimally configured by Trustwave experts
    • Free your internal team to focus on other security objectives
    • Actionable reports and intelligence across managed servers

How It Works

  • Once the MAC solution is in place, the agent software monitors all application activity on the endpoint in real-time, enforcing whatever level of control and security policies you have configured for that class of device. This includes an optional high-assurance security policy which essentially lets only trusted applications run, all other applications are banned from running on the device. Attempted violations to those policies are logged and available for viewing at any time via the MAC console and alerts can be configured to notify you via email or text message if desired. The Trustwave Advanced Security Operations Center (ASOC) also monitors the console and escalates or notifies you whenever the customer communications plan requires it.

    Let the experts at Trustwave do all the heavy lifting of getting the service up and running for you in three easy steps:

    1. Install and configure the MAC administration server while you distribute the endpoint agents at your locations
    2. Work with Trustwave to establish the level of control you want over your endpoints and how you want your security policies deployed
    3. Monitor operations via the MAC console or simply let Trustwave generate reports and advise you whenever issues arise needing your attention, it’s that simple