• Does ransomware threaten to play hide-and-seek with your data? Do you hesitate to make requested policy changes for fear of breaking your web security? Are you looking for better ways to ensure your users are safe and productive when they go online? Would you like a Zero-Malware Guarantee?

    Consider the Trustwave Secure Web Gateway family of physical and virtual appliances, cloud platform and managed security service options. Only Trustwave Secure Web Gateway (SWG) provides distributed enterprises effective real-time protection against dynamic new malware, strong policy enforcement, and a unique Zero-Malware Guarantee when managed for you by our experts.


  • Trustwave SWG blocks new malware in real time with several advanced engines. To block dynamic new obfuscated or encrypted drive-by downloads, Trustwave SWG decrypts, unpacks and assembles web pages and exposes their malicious behavior. Trustwave leads the industry in this advanced capability.

    Trustwave is also the only SWG maker who provides managed security service experts to augment your team and optimize your protection. Why else do customers choose Trustwave Secure Web Gateway?

    • Built-in intelligence from the SpiderLabs security research team at Trustwave
    • Single solution for security, policy control and reporting
    • Multi-tenant cloud platform, virtual appliances or hardware appliance options
    • Behavior analysis engine that can capture and report on files related to blocked unknown malware. SWG forensics make the files available for investigation and processing via security tools at your convenience.
    • Integration with Trustwave technology, including Trustwave SIEM, Secure Email Gateway, Data Loss Prevention, Web Application Firewall and Network Access Control solutions
    • Performance and scalability: 64-bit architecture and support for up to 150 scanners per system, or a virtually unlimited cloud platform
    • Low total cost-of-ownership
    • Accessible to organizations of all sizes and skill levels
    • Appliance and Cloud available as a managed security service with unique Zero-Malware Guarantee
  • 451 Research evaluates the Trustwave Zero Malware Guarantee

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    • Security

      Advanced Malware Protection

      Legacy, signature-based perimeter technologies leave a large gap in malware defense. Trustwave Secure Web Gateway bridges that divide with real-time code analysis and dynamic URL categorization to evaluate the composition of an entire web page and determine the intent of that page and its script and software components. Secure Web Gateway strips out any malware and delivers the repaired page to users, so they can remain productive.

      Great Control

      Trustwave Secure Web Gateway has a centralized policy manager with a comprehensive single interface. Administrators can set policies in the system and assign them to users, user groups or specific IPs. The changes in configuration are done on one location and are automatically distributed to the scanners. The distribution options and intervals can be easily configured, and the distribution process can be seamlessly monitored.

      Deployment Options

      The scanning server component of the Trustwave Secure Web Gateway is available on a number of platforms, including multi-tenant cloud SaaS, traditional appliances, virtual appliances, cloud-based virtual appliances and virtual appliance platform services. In addition, most of these platform options can be mixed in a hybrid deployment or deployed as a managed security service.

    • Manageability

      Data Loss Prevention

      Trustwave Secure Web Gateway scans inbound and outbound communication and identifies data-stealing malware, including keyloggers, trojans and rootkits. Furthermore, it creates policy, enforces rules and prevents users from posting sensitive data to cloud drives, social media sites or sending it over webmail.

      Enhanced Reporting And Forensics

      Trustwave Secure Web Gateway includes seamless security reporting and forensic investigation capabilities that provides complete visibility into an organization's web traffic. It enables organizations to analyze web traffic trends for remediation, execute proactive notifications and review security analytics. It allows gathering blocked malware for further analysis, and provides the largest data processing range available today.

      Integration Across Our Portfolio

      Trustwave Secure Web Gateway integrates with other Trustwave security technologies - including application security, content security and network access control - to leverage their value and provide a more effective solution for customers. Information from these products can feed into the Trustwave SIEM to accelerate breach detection and response.

    • Flexibility

      Application/Social Media Control

      To allow end users safe and productive use of the web, Trustwave SWG allows granular control of Facebook, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Amazon Drive, Apple iCloud Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn. Google+.

      Industry and Regulatory Compliance

      Customers require solutions that demonstrate proof of compliance for industry and regulatory compliance. Trustwave Secure Web Gateway comes with an easy-to-use interface to conduct improved audit logging, archiving and reporting.

How It Works

  • SWG Screenshot

    Trustwave Secure Web Gateway Cloud includes a customizable web portal dashboard, that enables drilling down to transaction level details.

  • Managed Security Service

    Trustwave experts design and update security and control policy per your requirement. Trustwave Managed SWG includes our unique Zero-Malware Guarantee. Regardless whether the platform is an appliance or our cloud platform, your workload is the lightest and your security results tend to be the best.


    Provides superior ease of ownership and fast time-to-benefit. Covers enterprise, remote offices, roaming users and eliminates backhauling. With managed option, our experts alert you on security risks and save on IT labor compared to standard cloud solutions. Zero capital costs. Full protection with no hidden fees, and offers unique zero malware guarantee.


    Robust 64-bit hardware delivers excellent performance and scales up to 150 scanners for large deployments. Allows keeping all data in your environment. Retain direct control over all settings. Leverage capital budget.

  • Trustwave Architecture

    All Trustwave technology applications are part of our scalable and extensible Trustwave Architecture, which includes our proprietary TrustOS© operating system, TrustedSentryTM, our standardized line of appliances, and TrustKeeperTM, our powerful, cloud-based managed security and compliance platform, which delivers unified and on-demand access to all Trustwave technologies and services. The Trustwave architecture model delivers greater efficiency by allowing for easy scaling and rapid integration across all Trustwave solutions.

  • Service Options

    Standard Support includes email and phone support, plus maintenance updates.

    Premium Support includes 24x7x365 email and phone support, one-year hardware warranty, next-day replacement service for Trustwave Secure Web Gateway appliance and maintenance updates.

    On-site installation and professional services are also available.


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