• The move from a prevention only mindset to detection and response is a major area of emphasis in most companies today, but knowing exactly how to get there, that’s the real challenge.


  • Trustwave offers highly knowledgeable expertise in Detection, Analytics & Response Consulting that we simply call the Trustwave DARC practice.

    The practice is designed to assist customers with understanding not only where they currently are today, but what the optimal target should be from a risk / capabilities maturity model (CMMI) in the future. The graphic below illustrates moving from more ad hoc type operations to well defined, quantifiable and dynamic automation and security analytics.

    Leveraging a plan, build, run and optimize model to develop a security operations blue-print, addressing a holistic approach to transformation, covering everything from staffing skill sets, security orchestration and procedures as well as enabling technologies and services to get your business there.

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    • Maturity acceleration of the cyber operations program

    • Elevating security analytics to influence business investment and decisions

    • Align and optimize business risk to operations, technical controls, and capabilities

    • Empowering your team to achieve their mission


  • Webinar Threat Detection and Response Best Practices

    In this webinar, we will discuss what "good" detection and response really looks like and provide an overview of this broad topic to help you gain a better understanding of this critical area.

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      March 22, 2017

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How we do it

  • There isn’t a one size fits all approach to addressing your security operations effectively and Trustwave strives to structure your consulting engagements for maximum benefit.

    It is absolutely critical that Trustwave understand the symptoms and challenges you face to discover the right approach for your particular environment, regardless of your needs.

    Throughout Trustwave’s process the focus is on results with continuous optimization and when you are ready to deploy, Trustwave’s breadth of end-to-end capabilities allows for doing as much or as little of the operational components as you desire. Trustwave are experts in implementing hybrid or co-managed models, so Trustwave is there with you all along the way to ensure you achieve the end results you are looking for.

  • Optimizing Security Operations


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      A Risk Based Approach to Cybersecurity Maturity