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  • Your web applications are at the heart of your business. They store your intellectual property, drive your sales and hold the trust of your customers. Yet, they are plagued by easy-to-exploit vulnerabilities, such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting. As a result, they are becoming the preferred attack vector of hackers.

  • 13 DAYS

    Of 200,000 websites analyzed, they experienced one attack every 13 days or 475,000 attacks per month


    of application security breaches come via SQL injection with the goal being bulk extraction of data


    number of publicly reported web hacking incidents last year


  • Go Live – With Confidence

    If your business has a website or uses email, then you are a target for cybercriminals. In a targeted attack, the victim is chosen specifically and usually for monetary gain. Once the target is selected, the attackers identify a certain vulnerability to exploit in order to achieve their goals.

    Other attacks are random and opportunistic. Specific known vulnerabilities are chosen rather than specific target organizations. These types of attacks are largely automated, and success is measured by the quantity of compromised sites.

    Poorly coded applications put organizations at risk. A large amount of confidential consumer information lies within the application layer as more and more organizations develop applications to streamline internal processes and improve the customer experience. However, without making security an inherent part of the Software Development Life Cycle, the risk associated with insecure applications far outweighs these gains in efficiency and customer satisfaction.


  • The Trustwave suite of application security solutions, delivered by an expert team of application specialists, ensures that your application is tested and reviewed thoroughly. The application security team uses manual processes to test and review applications according to your needs. The result is specific guidance that can significantly improve the security of your applications and protect your business.

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      An advanced, customizable and scalable Web Application Firewall from Trustwave enables you to continuously monitor your applications, detect and prevent threats, mitigate the risk of data breaches, improve performance, and address compliance requirements, including the PCI DSS.

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      Need the experts in your corner? Trustwave Web Application Firewall is available as a fully managed service, delivering real-time management of threat status, alerts and performance; continuous monitoring of WAF sensors and regular tuning and configuration support. It als offers full integration with SIEM for advanced threat correlation.

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      Control your application testing schedule and budget, and go live with confidence. With advanced tools, flexible delivery, unprecedented visibility and ongoing insight into vulnerabilities, Trustwave's Managed Security Testing for applications delivers penetration testing on demand, when and how you need it.

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      Web Content Monitoring allows you to identify problems and policy violations that can harm your online business and your brand, such as offensive or potentially illegal content on your company Web site. Trustwave Web Content Monitoring supports specific standards, including Visa's e-commerce merchant inspection requirements and MasterCard's BRAM program.


  • When you choose Trustwave for application security, you fortify security throughout your entire application development life cycle - from design to development to testing and ongoing maintenance - so you can Go Live with confidence.

    • Build More Secure Applications

      We educate your developers on the latest best practices for secure application development with in-depth classroom training and online classes - all backed by the trusted expertise of Trustwave SpiderLabs. The Trustwave team of application security experts is at the forefront of the industry. We can identify vulnerabilities before they become problems.

    • Reduce Application Vulnerabilities

      Our holistic application security life cycle approach reduces vulnerabilities from design to production, resulting in stable and secure applications. At Trustwave, we're dedicated to helping customers get automated and sustainable around security and compliance.

    • Achieve Simplicity in the Cloud

      Through our cloud-based TrustKeeper platform, you get a single view into of your application security technologies and services, so you can more effectively manage your security program.

    • Gain Flexible Security

      With the combination of advanced, intelligent threat protection and flexible deployment options, including managed security and testing services, our technologies help you reduce risk, improve your responsiveness to threats and maximize performance, all in a way that works for your business.

How It Works

  • Webinar Application Hackers Have a Handbook. Why Shouldn't You?

    Learn how to protect your applications today from design to production and what strategies you need to know to secure the application lifecycle for the long-term. This webinar includes specific strategies from Chenxi Wang, Ph.D, of Forrester Research.

    • Duration:

      59 mins 38 secs

    • Speaker(s):

      Chenxi Wang, Forrester Research

      Wyman Lewis, GSI Commerce

      Marc Shinbrood, Trustwave

  • Managed Security Testing

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    Managed Security Testing

    Penetration Test Manager Watch this video to understand how penetration testing works and what you need to know about the findings to keep your applications secure.




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