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  • If you are a financial services business - whether a bank, credit union, investment firm or insurance company - you are in the business of managing money. Your organization's connection to wealth and the global economic system as a whole make it a high-value target for cyber attackers.


  • As a finance industry leader, you’re aware that your sector is consistently on the frontlines of the threat battleground. While your organization, like other companies in financial services, may be more advanced in your security and compliance posture compared to other verticals, you continue to face significant and growing risks from a range of threat adversaries, including financially motivated hackers, state-sponsored intruders, hacktivists and malicious or unsuspecting insiders.


  • Trustwave offers a comprehensive and flexible portfolio for financial services companies wishing to protect their infrastructure, networks, data and users against today’s advanced threats, while ensuring compliance with regulations and requirements such as Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC), Sarbanes–Oxley (SOX), Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), the Federal Trade Commission Red Flags Rule or the recently enacted New York State cybersecurity requirements for financial institutions.

  • Risk Assessment Services 

    A Trustwave risk assessment helps you meet your compliance obligations and gain an understanding of your exposure to threats and vulnerabilities, through risk identification and risk mitigation prioritization for your key assets and systems, policies, procedures and controls across your organization.

    Compliance, Gap, and Remediation Services 

    Trustwave can help you establish or strengthen your compliance program. Trustwave offers a full suite of compliance consulting, assessment, gap assessment and remediation services for your security program and framework. These services include compliance and risk services for your database, network and applications infrastructures.

    Security Awareness Education 

    Our cloud-based Security Awareness Education gives your organization the tools they need to help protect your data from cybersecurity threats. It instructs your employees and contractors to understand the threat of social engineering and follow best practices for security, including password management and the safe use of web and social media tools.

    Secure Development Training 

    Trustwave offers two different training formats to help you develop secure in-house applications: online Secure Development Training (SDT) for your developers, engineers and IT personnel, and onsite secure development training delivered by the SpiderLabs team at Trustwave.

    Incidence Response & Readiness 

    Take a proactive approach to prepare for, recognize, train and act based on procedural methods when an incident takes place to reduce its impact. Or learn how to recognize the indicators of compromise and respond appropriately on your own with our incident readiness services.

    Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration Testing across Networks, Applications and Databases 

    Conduct vulnerability scanning and penetration testing across your networks, applications and databases to reveal your vulnerabilities and alert you to the consequences of exploitation so you can make good risk management decisions and technology investments.

    Database Security 

    Deter attacks and secure your databases, which often contain the lifeblood of your organization, to prevent improper access and leakage or disclosure of the sensitive data contained within them.

    Two Factor Authentication 

    Trustwave Two Factor Authentication is great for remote VPN access. It's efficient, easy to deploy and administer, and highly secure. It addresses mandates for stronger authentication, including FFIEC Authentication Guidance, PCI DSS, HIPAA, Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act and others.

    Web Application Firewall 

    Trustwave Web Application Firewall (WAF) provides real time event monitoring and protection against web application attacks, virtual patching and data masking to help meet compliance for industry regulations.

    Secure Web Gateway 

    Enables safe and productive web use for local and remote users, while ensuring compliance, minimizing data loss and eliminating malware risks. Monitor and enforce acceptable use, granularly control social media and cloud drive access to limit risk of data exfiltration and liability. Managed options fulfilled from the cloud augment your time, talent, expertise, security outcomes and value.

    Managed Detection & Response (MDR) Services 

    Trustwave offers a range managed services for both threat detection and response which include offerings like Managed IDS and Managed Threat Detection. We also offer a comprehensive managed service which provides monitoring, detection, threat hunting, response and remote remediation services known as MDR for Endpoints.

    SIEM Services 

    Trustwave offers managed services for both on-premise management of Trustwave owned SIEM equipment as well as customer owned SIEM solutions. We also offer a cloud based SIEM service for those customer who may not own a SIEM, but need some of the capabilities which SIEMs typically offer. Additionally, we offer consulting services for custom or hybrid SIEM deployments.

    SSL Certificates 

    Digital certificates are crucial for encrypting and authenticating web sites, VPN users, network devices and secure email transactions. Trustwave is a top 10 global issuing certificate authority with advanced Certificate Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions to help easily keep your certificates valid and up to date. Trustwave automates many aspects of certificate procurement, tracking and renewal.


    • Fight Fraud

      Cybercriminals are constantly shifting their tactics. Whether the attackers are spearheading phishing or DDoS attacks, account takeovers, or something else, Trustwave's data security safeguards help financial institutions protect sensitive information in to mitigate fraud. This helps you offer convenient, online services for your customers without the risk of losing their trust.

    • Meet Compliance Requirements

      Financial services companies must often comply with multiple compliance standards. Trustwave has a "security first" approach to compliance, that can help you get ahead of evolving risks and standards. With over 20 years of compliance and security expertise, Trustwave helps your organization adopt a streamlined and strategic approach to compliance management.

    • Prevent Insider Theft

      While the threat posed by external attackers tends to dominate the headlines, the risk of errant insiders or malicious employees walking out with sensitive data can be just as troubling. Trustwave can monitor networks and systems for signs of anomalies and ensure that sensitive data stays put. In addition, we can train your staff on safe computing practices and coders on secure development.

    • Automate and Achieve Simplicity

      Through our cloud-based TrustKeeper platform, you get a single view into of your technologies and services, so you can more effectively manage your security program. In addition, you can centrally automate and manage controls, policies and procedures across multiple compliance frameworks. Whether your business is large or small or something in between, TrustKeeper is built to scale with you.


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