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  • Size doesn't matter to hackers. A popular assumption is that only large enterprises need to achieve compliance. However, your franchisees who process credit card transactions are equally at risk and responsible for PCI compliance at their locations. That’s why protecting your brand and keeping the trust of your customers is an equal partnership between your organization and your entire franchisee and owner community.  

    Trustwave’s National Account Program is designed with the needs of the hospitality industry in mind. Through this program, you can equip your franchisee community with simplified compliance and security packages as well as the best tools and support, and help them protect their individual locations and your organization as a whole.


  • As a franchisor or association, your owner community looks to you for direction, and Trustwave's National Account Program has been designed with that in mind. With our deep expertise and experience in the hospitality industry, we partner with you to deliver a complete, customized, and cost-effective program for network security and compliance across your owner community.

    In addition to developing a compliance and security package tailored to the needs of your business and your owner community, we provide access to easy tools and expert resources that can help remove complexity and overcome the typical resource challenges that can be faced when deploying and managing a compliance program. Further, our training, resources and education programs help ensure your franchisees understand the process of becoming compliant, and the impact if they don't.

    • Deliver consistent and cost-effective compliance and network security across your growing network of franchisees
    • Ensure that all your owners are PCI compliant so you can avoid the potentially serious consequences of non-compliance
    • Optimize your resources and expand your team through partnership rather than increasing overhead
    • Remove complexity for your franchisees through convenient bundled options
    • Increase visibility and control - track, manage, and enforce compliance and security across all sites
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    Security your way. Find out how Trustwave delvers on the promise of flexibility.


  • When it comes to our hospitality customers, what sets our managed security and PCI compliance services apart from the rest is the value we bring with our National Account Program. Yes, our packages are affordable, fit the needs of the individual business owner and help address PCI compliance, but when rolling out a corporate level initiative, that's only the beginning.

    We build on that to include welcome programs, training initiatives, communications campaigns, and customer service and support, all designed to help you kick off your program, keep it moving, and improve acceptance and uptake across your organization. And that means better compliance, stronger security, and improved support for your franchisees.

  • Tailored Technology Bundles

    • Managed Compliance and Security Services

      Take our standardized packages and customize them to best fit the needs of your organization or franchisee community. With specialized volume pricing and flexible package configurations, Trustwave can provide the right combination of services needed to meet the PCI DSS mandate at an affordable monthly price.

    • PCI Validation Services

      As an Approved Scanning Vendor certified by the PCI Security Standards Council, Trustwave performs all necessary scans along with a seamless online completion and submission of the Self-Assessment Questionnaire. Additionally, integrated corporate level reporting gives you a direct view into the compliance status across your organization.

    • Training and Resources

      Our marketing team will work closely with you to put together a customized education initiative so you can bring greater awareness to important security subjects into your organization. Topics can include basic PCI Compliance education, security awareness for employees, incident response guidance for small merchants, hacker education, and more.

    • Marketing Support

      Ensuring owner understanding of PCI compliance is a major barrier that must be addressed through proper education initiatives. Why start from scratch? With online sign up tools, welcome kits, and multi-touch communication programs, our team improves education and engagement across your franchise or member community.

  • Education, Training, and Communications

  • Support and Infrastructure

    • Proactive Customer Support

      All your locations are proactively monitored in our Security Operations Centers - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Staffed with skilled security experts, knowledgeable in multi-unit restaurant, retail and hospitality network environments, we help address any security incident, hardware issue or loss of connectivity and immediately begin remediation steps.

    • Consistent Network Infrastructure

      Our single source solution provides compliance, security and connectivity services. Let our IT and compliance experts become an extension of your team to simplify the daily tasks of securing and monitoring all store locations. Seamless infrastructure updates for firmware and anti-malware strengthens reliability, ensures compliance and streamlines security efforts.


  • PCI compliance is a complex and ever-changing process that your owners don't typically have the expertise or time to deal with, and they usually can't be successful alone. Through the expert guidance, simplified tools, and around-the-clock support of our National Account Program, your owners get the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing their business is secure and compliant, and that they can stay focused on driving business and delighting their customers.

  • Overview: Trustwave Managed Security Services (2 mins)

    Improve the way you manage your security and compliance programs with Trustwave Managed Security Services.

    • Drive Awareness and Increase Participation

      Determining a path for PCI compliance within an organization can be a challenge. Our team can facilitate every aspect of the roll-out by recognizing the unique needs of your organization and developing successful touch points and communications to help familiarize owners with the steps they need to take. Helping set clear expectations and timetables will drive action.

    • Reduce Program Costs

      Trustwave has helped lower the costs for business owners around meeting PCI standards and strengthening security posture. With a managed solution, you don’t have to worry about hiring a full-time IT staff, maintaining internal infrastructure and handling technical support. With our team of experts and automated tools in your corner, we reduce capital expense and remove the heavy lifting.

    • Reduce Your Time Commitment

      Realizing that owners often look to a corporate IT team for help with PCI compliance, our personal assistance can help remove that burden from your organization. Each owner benefits from live, one-on-one guidance with a PCI specialist from our team who is trained on the details of your organization.

    • Minimize Risk of a Breach in Your Brand

      Taking a wait and see approach to PCI compliance doesn’t benefit your customers, your owners or your organization. Take the proactive step to protect your reputation and reduce financial damage by partnering with Trustwave to identify security needs among owners and provide the tools to achieve compliance.

How It Works

  • When we create your program with you, we start with best practices compliance and managed security services, and then design, deliver and manage a custom program that includes tailored technology bundles, education and training programs, branded franchisee communications, and of course, expert support.

  • Branded Solution Packages

    Compliance and security solutions are customized to your requirements, and then communicated across multiple vehicles to your franchisee and owner community.

    Customized Online Sign Up

    We make it easy for you to onboard your new franchisees and owners and accelerate program adoption with simple online sign up tools and an easy process.

    Training & Education Programs

    Through tailored training and education programs, we ensure that your franchisees and owners are up to speed on PCI compliance basics as well as threats to their business.

    Streamlined Management

    Improve visibility across your business with centralized management and reporting. Get on-demand compliance and security status of your franchisees and owners through our on-demand portal.


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