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Trustwave Media Coverage chronicles news articles and TV spots featuring commentary and insights from our experienced experts and enlightening studies.

Enterprises Not Doing So Well on Net Protections

You may have business relationships with an internationally located vendor, supplier, provider, contractor, employee, or customer. You may have boosted cybersecurity in your network. Be vigilant, attackers can use your business relationships as stepping-stones into your network.

Trustwave Releases New Database Security Updates

Trustwave is introducing a new database security scanning and testing software that helps organizations better protect critical data assets hosted on-site or by major cloud service providers.

Data: E-Retail Hacks More Lucrative Than Ever

This in-depth report from Trustwave contains a number of useful suggestions that sites can consider for a defense-in-depth approach to combating an increasingly crowded field of criminal groups turning more of their attention toward stealing CVV data.

Cyber-security Is Improving, Though Risk Continues to Grow

The 2019 Trustwave Global Security Report, released on April 25, has its fair share of bad news as it has found that multiple types of attacks have grown and attackers have continued to increase levels of sophistication.

Piracy Apps Surf for Vulnerabilities

Cyber criminals are attacking more accounts in the Asia Pacific region than North America, representing 35 percent of investigated data compromises, according to the annual report out today by Trustwave.

Cyberattackers Focus on More Subtle Techniques

The time it takes to detect the average cyberattack has shortened, but cyberattackers are now using more subtle techniques to avoid better defenses, a new study of real incident response engagements shows.

The Pulse of Risk Detection and Response at RSA 2019

Trustwave, which offers Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services, has taken a number of steps to build stronger context into their operations. They are feeding data about known bad actors into their intel fusion platform (IFP).

LokiBot Trojan Spotted Hitching a Ride Inside .PNG Files

A spam campaign pushing the info-stealing LokiBot trojan leverages a novel technique to avoid detection. According to researchers, the spam messages include malicious .zipx attachment hidden inside a .PNG file that can slip past some email security gateways.

CIA Extortion Scams Using SatoshiBox to Sell Alleged Proof for $500

The CIA extortion scams continue to evolve in order to squeeze as much money out of a victim as they can. In a new variant discovered by researchers, the extortion emails are now selling alleged proof on Satoshi Box for $500 that show you are part of the CIA investigation.

How to Break into Penetration Testing – an Expert’s Guide

In his role leading penetration testing services at Trustwave, Lawrence Munro, VP SpiderLabs, has pulled together the attributes, experience and qualifications he considers necessary to crack a career in this challenging space.

Pen Testing Takes Center Stage at RSA

It’s more important than ever for cybersecurity professional to understand how attackers can gain access to sensitive company or customer data. While it’s still important to examine vulnerabilities in isolation, the ability to understand attack paths and how attackers can gain access to data.

The Winners of the 2019 SC Awards Honored in the U.S.

Trustwave Managed Security Services’ elite team of 250 ethical hackers isn’t just protecting some of the world’s largest enterprises and government agencies. It’s actually reimagining ways that entire industries can protect their assets.

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