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The Secret to Total Cyber Security

Good cyber-defense requires total visibility of the network to understand what could be a potential vulnerability. In cybersecurity, a network is only as strong as its weakest point. Chris Schueler, Trustwave’s Senior Vice President of Managed Security Services, shares more in an exclusive interview with GovInsider.

17 Cybersecurity Products the Cyber Insurance Industry Says Are Worthwhile

Insurance broker Marsh has unveiled the inaugural class of cybersecurity products and services receiving a Cyber Catalyst designation that is part of an evaluation program its backers hope will bring greater clarity in the crowded cybersecurity marketplace.

Think Outside the Box to Close the Skills Gap

The right people are out there. It’s just a matter of finding them. I talked to Chris Schueler, SVP of Managed Security Services at Trustwave, for advice on how companies can start thinking outside the box about hiring cybersecurity staff and how to best identify potential candidates who may not meet your current criteria but could end up being the right person for the job.

Top Wi-Fi Routers Have Major Security Flaws

A security researcher from Trustwave has discovered vulnerabilities in several D-Link and Comba routers which could make it easy for cybercriminals to see usernames and passwords stored on the devices.

D-Link Wireless Modems Found to Leak Passwords

Trustwave's Spiderlabs has uncovered credential leaking vulnerabilities in D-Link wireless ADSL2+ modem routers that are widely available in Australia.

Automation: Friend of the SOC Analyst

Faced by increasingly sophisticated threats, organizations are realizing the benefits of automation in their cybersecurity programs. Automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) are rapidly transforming nearly every industry, and cybersecurity is no exception.

Moving on Up: Ready for Your Apps to Live in the Cloud?

As the digital landscape changes, organizations are doing some purging of their own as they move to the cloud. But that transition isn't as easy as packing up dishes and linens, putting boxes on a truck, and heading off to a new destination.

AttackSurfaceMapper Automates the Reconnaissance Process

AttackSurfaceMapper, a new open source OSINT tool created by Andreas Georgiou and Jacob Wilkin, security consultants at Trustwave SpiderLabs, automates the process of collecting data that can help pentesters find a way into targets’ systems and networks.

#BHUSA: Increase Social Media Awareness with Active and Passive Testing

Speaking on “Testing Your Organization's Social Media Awareness” at Black Hat USA, Jacob Wilkin, network penetration tester and application security consultant, Trustwave SpiderLabs, said that social media phishing is on the rise and is now the “preferred vector for attackers” who now spread more malware via social media than on email.

Cybersecurity Staffers Needed, No Experience Required

The industry-wide shortage of trained cybersecurity personnel is not a new story, but Trustwave has begun to take a new approach to find not only trained cybersecurity staffers, but also those with no training or computer skills at all.

Crain’s Hosts Tech 50 Event

Crain’s Chicago Business hosted its Tech 50 event honoring its annual list of headliners, behind-the-scenes heroes, new faces and emerging stars of Chicago tech. More than 100 people attended the event at cybersecurity company Trustwave’s office in the loop.

Snake Bites and Data Breaches

Why is treating a snake bite like responding to a data breach? It might sound like the beginning of a cheesy joke, but the two can have more in common that you might expect.

Hotel Kiosks Could Be Unsafe Due to Exposed Keys in Tech Tool

Researchers found that an application available on an unsecured website included credentials that could have allowed compromising consumer-facing Uniguest kiosks used by businesses in various activity sectors.

The Financial Implications of Cyber Crime

The modern-day robbery is no longer about criminals storming a bank wearing ski masks, brandishing firearms and filling bags with stolen cash. Instead, criminals now relay on more clandestine yet equally effective methods of stealing from financial institutions.

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