By Industry

Overcome your internal resource limitations and other challenges to successfully fight cybercrime, protect data and reduce risk through a broad and advanced portfolio of cloud and managed security services.

Go About Your Business

Cybersecurity threats know no boundaries. And while every industry is at risk, each faces unique challenges in guarding its data and users and responding to compliance mandates. Trustwave helps your business, no matter which vertical you belong to, develop a custom and mature security program that delivers threat prevention, detection and response.

Financial Services

While heavily regulated finance firms are no strangers to security, we help them take risk-based steps to reinforce their posture and boost their maturity.

Health Care

We provide a comprehensive and flexible portfolio for health care organizations facing increasing cyberattacks and needing to protect their infrastructure and ensure compliance with requirements such as HIPAA and HITECH.


Merchants rely on credit and debit cards to do business, and we help protect this sensitive data, detect and respond to the latest threats, increase customer trust and meet compliance demands like PCI DSS


We offer a full suite of managed security and compliance services, designed exclusively for the needs of an industry that has become a prime target for hacker attacks.


We enable restaurants to serve up strong data protection for guests and employees through managed security bundles specifically designed for the needs of food and beverage.

Payment Services

Payment systems are under constant bombardment, and we help you prioritize threat and breach detection and response.


We support the resource-besieged public sector by enabling local, state and federal governments to defend sensitive data, protect critical infrastructure and adhere to requirements.


We help colleges, universities and school districts strike the balance of providing an open and collaborative environment for students and faculty, while ensuring systems and data stays safe.


Law firms are loaded with sensitive information, including financial data, patents and mergers-and-acquisitions, and we help you elevate your protection and response capabilities.