COVID-19 and Your Cybersecurity

Trustwave Resiliency During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will my cybersecurity services and/or offerings be impacted?

  • Trustwave has initiated its Business Continuity Plan across all departments to preserve operational resiliency. Customers should not expect service or product disruptions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through a cloud architecture and global network of security operation centers and regional offices, Trustwave can shift workloads, allocate resources and disseminate the latest threat intelligence on the fly. Our consulting and professional services teams are globally distributed, and we continue to fulfill customer engagements.

  • Will committed support, service-level agreements and recovery time objectives be met?

  • Yes, our customer support, service-level agreements and recovery time objectives will continue to be met. Trustwave operates its production environment from multiple data centers across the globe and support teams can assist and address customer needs while working remote.

  • Does Trustwave have a Business Continuity Plan in place and has it been initiated?

  • Yes, Trustwave has initiated a multi-layer Business Continuity Plan that includes scenarios for pandemics across all departments to address the situation and preserve operational resiliency. This plan is rigorously tested and audited each year to keep pace with an increasingly dynamic business landscape and evolving needs of customers.

  • Are contingency plans in place to maintain datacenter operations?

  • Yes, our Business Continuity Plan which has been implemented contains contingency plans to maintain our data center operations, and we are operating as normal. IT team participates in business continuity planning and has plans in place to continue operations during a disaster. We follow industry best practices including disaster recovery sites and parallel operations.

  • Has Trustwave evaluated its own critical third parties and supply chains for resilience?

  • Yes, as part of the Business Continuity Plan, all critical third parties and supply chains have been evaluated to ensure our requirements are met during unforeseen events.

  • Is Trustwave still offering security testing and consulting services during this time?

  • Yes, our consulting and professional services teams are globally distributed, and we have strong remote testing capabilities to fulfil customer engagements.

  • What about on-site visits to customer and Trustwave facilities?

  • On-site visits and face-to-face meetings deemed non-essential are discouraged during this time. Alternatives such as audio calls or video conferencing should be used as much as possible. If a visit to a Trustwave office is necessary, part of the protocol to reduce risk will be asking guests questions relating to potential COVID-19 exposure.

    Regarding business travel, Trustwave employees are following global and regional government recommendations.

  • Will Trustwave fill out COVID-19 requests for information required by customers and partners?

  • Yes, if obligated by contracts and agreements, Trustwave will provide information as needed.

  • Where can I get helpful information relating to COVID-19 and cybersecurity?

  • Trustwave has compiled cybersecurity recommendations and free resources to help organizations ensure continued, secure operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. To access these best practices and useful security guidelines and templates visit the Trustwave Blog.

  • Will there be any changes on how customer calls are handled?

  • No, we don’t anticipate any changes in how customer calls are received, processed or addressed.

  • What should I expect now?

  • We are keeping communication channels open and updating processes and procedures as needed. If you have any questions or concerns about your cybersecurity posture, how we’re supporting you or how we can help you during this period of uncertainty, please reach out to your sales or support representative or contact us at COVID-19-BCP@trustwave.com.