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Amelia Gowa

Amelia Gowa

Managing Consultant at Trustwave

Amelia Gowa is a Managing Consultant at Trustwave, currently specialising in the governance, risk and compliance (GRC) space. She has assisted companies in various industries including financial services, healthcare, retail, utilities, transport & telecommunications in shaping their security programs and strategies, working with stakeholders to find and shape suitable solutions to their problems. She has also been seconded as a ‘virtual’ Information Security Manager and CISO. Her previous roles have seen her interface with the private sector, government agencies, global think tanks and international organisations to deliver national cyber security strategies, child online protection toolkits and advisory on cyber policies for several African, Arab, Asian and Pacific nations.

When she is not poring over her computer, Amelia can be found nestled in a corner with a hot cup of tea, a sumptuous plate of pastries, face buried in a book; or on a dance floor at one of the various studios in the city because life without music is inconceivable.