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DEFCON 22 CTF Qualifiers Writeup

Hi folks! I got to spend a little time playing the DEFCON 22 quals this previous weekend, presented by the Legitimate Business Syndicate (LegitBS), several of members of which are players in previous DEFCON CTF games. I didn't manage to...

The Way of the Cryptologist

Right before DEF CON, a friend of mine reached out to me to ask if I would write a crypto challenge for his CTF. While it was a busy time for me, I didn't want to pass up the chance...

Web Application Defender's Cookbook: CCDC Blue Team Cheatsheet

Trustwave is a corporate sponsor of the National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC) where the SpiderLabs team members actively participate on the Red Teams and simulate attackers. While we have been highly active in the "attack" portion of CCDC over...

CryptOMG Walkthough - Challenge 2

For those of you that missed it last time, CryptOMG is a configurable CTF-style test bed that highlights flaws in cryptographic implementations. The application and installation instructions can be downloaded for free at the SpiderLabs Github. The challenge 1 walkthrough can be found here. The goal for the second challenge is to get the admin password. Unlike the first challenge, which told us there was probably a directory traversal flaw, this does not give us a very clear picture of the type of flaw we will be exploiting. After opening the application, we are presented with a login form and instructions telling us that we can login with guest/guest. Taking a closer look at the URL parameters, we have a "ReturnUrl" parameter with 32 hex characters, in this case 82803ac0ee614d894128649a2eb31f03.

CCCDC Blue Teams vs Corporate Blue Team Comparision

This weekend was the Community College Cyber Defense competition at Iowa State University. I had the opportunity to be on the Red Team and as it was my first time to participate on the Red Team as part of one...

Getting a Start in the Security Industry

This has been a fairly common topic over the last year and I've seen plenty of blog posts and presentations about the subject. For me personally, many just don't cover the information I've found to be essential during my entrance...

CryptOMG Walkthrough - Challenge 1

It has been about 3 months since CryptOMG was released and I will start going through the challenges one-by-one. CryptOMG is CTF-style testbed for exploiting various flaws in cryptographic implementations. It is available for free on the SpiderLabs Github. The...

Stripe-CTF Walkthrough

I had the opportunity to do the Stripe-CTF (Capture The Flag) contest this past week, and enjoyed it immensely. Stripe is credit card processing software for developers so it was great to see them organize a second CTF contest. I...

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