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BrickerBot mod_plaintext Analysis

A week ago, the author of BrickerBot claimed that they retired and published their manifesto along with some source code of their bot. In the manifesto, they wrote: "Take a look at the number of payloads, 0-days and techniques and...

Using Buildroot for Security Research of IoT and Other Embedded Systems

These days many vendors, like IoT vendors, use Linux running on top of ARM CPU for their embedded solutions. Some of these vendors use a tool called buildroot ( to produce a root filesystem for the device. This becomes obvious...

Denial of Service Vulnerability in Brother Printers

A vulnerability in the web front-end of Brother printers (called Debut) allows an attacker to launch a Denial of Service attack. The attack is executed by sending a single malformed HTTP POST request. The attacker will receive a 500 error...

0-Day Alert: Your Humax WiFi Router Might Be In Danger

Over the years WiFi Routers have been notoriously susceptible to simple attacks. In early 2017, Trustwave SpiderLabs Researcher Simon Kenin identified 43 different models of Netgear Router to be vulnerable for Remote and Local Password Disclosure. More recently, in May...

Turning Up The Heat on IoT: TRANE Comfortlink XL850

The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to explode in the consumer market as demand for network connected devices has spread to all kinds non-traditional network connected systems from toasters to toilets and from refrigerators to lamps. Unfortunately this rush to...

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