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Trustkeeper Scan Engine Update - May 21, 2014

We're back to bring you a large Scan Engine update. We've packed this release with tons of new vulnerabilities as well as some huge improvements to our servce protocol discovery engine. Increased coverage and faster scans--what could be better? New...

Farewell to XP

As Karl noted in his Patch Tuesday post, yesterday was the last day of support for Windows XP. We flipped the switch at midnight last night to make detection of XP a failing condition for TrustKeeper vulnerability scans. Those relatively...

Fingerprinting Ubuntu OS Versions using OpenSSH

Over the past couples weeks, I've been working on enhancing the operating system detection logic in the TrustKeeper Scan Engine. Having the capability to detect a target's operating system can be very useful. Whether you're performing a simple asset identification...

Vino VNC Server Remote Persistent DoS Vulnerability

Last week, I was making some performance enhancements to the VNC protocol implementations in the TrustKeeper Scanning Engine. Unfortunately, in my mission to "Go Fast!", I managed to trigger a Denial of Service (DoS) vulnerability in Vino. Vino is the...

A Friday Afternoon Troubleshooting Ruby OpenSSL... it's a trap!

Last Friday I was trying out some new code that one of my colleagues wrote to help automate some of the work involved in releasing new versions of the TrustKeeper Scan engine. One of the many things the code did...

Trustwave Re-Certified as an Approved Scanning Vendor by PCI SSC

Each year Trustwave undergoes a rigorous testing process maintained by the PCI Security Standards Council in which the end goal is to be re-certified as an Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV). As stated by the Council, certified ASVs are "qualified to...

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