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Announcing Release of ModSecurity v2.6.0

The ModSecurity Development Team is pleased to announce the availability of ModSecurity 2.6.0 Release. This is the first release from the 2.6 branch which improves on the functionality of ModSecurity and introduces some new features. Some highlights:

  • Google Safe-Browsing API Integration:Protection for users and content providers from malicious links
  • Sensitive Data Tracking: Ability to identify and track US Social Security Numbers
  • Data Modification: Ability to change data on-the-fly, before delaivery, in order to better control outgoing content according to security policies

This release includes some small improvements and bug fixes, please see the release notes included into CHANGES file.

The build system still need improvements, specially under some untested operacional systems.

For known problems and more information about bug fixes, please see the online ModSecurity Jira. Please report any bug to mod-security-developers@lists.sourceforge.net.