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AppDetectivePRO and DbProtect Knowledgebase Update 4.54

This month's update for our AppDetectivePRO and DbProtect Knowledgebase is now available.

Knowledgebase version 4.54 includes new support for SAP (Sybase) Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) version 16.0, a new check for Oracle Database encryption, updated checks for SAP (Sybase) ASE and a new CIS version 1.2.0 policy for IBM DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows.

New Scanning Support for SAP (Sybase) ASE version 16.0

  • Customers that update to this latest Knowledgebase version 4.54 on the latest versions of Trustwave AppDetectivePRO and DbProtect will now be able to discover and audit SAP (Sybase) ASE version 16.0 instances
    • Customers must be on AppDetectivePRO version 8.5.1
    • Customers must be on DbProtect version 6.4.6 and Scan Engine version 2.11
  • User Rights Scans for SAP (Sybase) ASE version 16.0 were previously available within both AppDetectivePRO version 8.5.1 and DbProtect version 6.4.6

New Vulnerability and Configuration Check Highlights

Oracle Database

  • Database Encryption
    • Verifies that database encryption is active and configured for FIPS 140-2 compliance.
    • Risk: Medium
    • Relevant CVEs: N/A

Updated Checks

SAP (Sybase) ASE

  • Latest patch not applied
    • Updated to support SAP (Sybase) ASE version 16.0 service pack 02
    • Risk: High
    • Relevant CVEs: N/A
  • Latest patch not applied on time
    • Updated to support SAP (Sybase) ASE version 16.0 service pack 02
    • Risk: High
    • Relevant CVEs: N/A

New Policies

CIS version 1.2.0

  • CIS v1.2.0 for IBM DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows - Audit (Built-in)
    • This policy has been created based on the security configuration benchmarks published by the Center for Internet Security.
    • Please note that AppDetectivePRO users should use the CIS NEW! Policy because the new policies are part of the superset of CIS policies.

How to Update?

All AppDetectivePRO and DbProtect customers with maintenance (subscription or perpetual) in good standing can download the latest Knowledgebase Update 4.54 by visiting the Trustwave support portal at https://trustwave.com/Company/Support and selecting either the AppDetectivePRO or DbProtect product.

AppDetectivePRO customers can also update their deployment by launching the "Updater" within the product.