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Trustwave SpiderLabs in Africa

Africa.The land of origin; the original unknown.

Astory of a young pentester, going south over Earth's second largest continentuntil it doesn't quite meet the sea again - sun beaten Johannesburg, SouthAfrica. Keeping him company is a MacBook and earphones.

Withinthe unibody aluminium case are his scripts and tools, but the experience herelies on is weightless.

The professional penetration testing scene in Sout Africa is not very big compared to US or the UK, but there are a number of internationally recognized folks based there.

There are a few securityconferences in South Africa: ZAcon, B-sides and ITWEB Security Summit. ZaCon (ZAcon) isa community driven infosec conference. The aim is to build a better communityof hackers in ZA, and provide a platform for up-n-coming speakers while stillgetting some inspiration from the greats. ZAcon has a "meet up" spin off called0xC0FFEE. 0xC0FFEE (0xC0FFEE) is amostly monthly gathering where project ideas are shared, collaboration occursand folk generally talk hack.

Then there's the generalsecurity conference ITWEB Security Summit 2012 (ITWEB Security Summit 2012) andB-sides Cape Town (B-sides Cape Town).

Inthis maturing region, where Internet adoption is growing at a breakneck speed,there are only a handful of companies that provide penetration testing orethical hacking services – there's even fewer with a global footprint likeours.

Trustwave's presencein the region is already established, but for SpiderLabs with its first localand native Afrikaans-speaking technical consultant, its elite security teamwill be hitting the ground running. Backed by the resources of the globalpractice, this is truly a very exciting time and environment to be in.

Most likely it willnot be long before he is joined by others as there are large numbers oforganizations enjoying fast paced growth in the region, many of whom will turnto Trustwave to simplify their security challenges and help to secure theirbusinesses.

It is with a senseof sun kissed enthusiasm that I sign off, and look forward to meeting some ofyou out there in conferences or in Trustwave's offices, wherever you are...