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5 Security Things to Know for the Week of Jan. 28, 2019

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Now, here is what’s making security headlines to start your week …

DNS Hijacking Concerns Grow: U.S. authorities – and now the U.K.– are warning government agencies to take action to defend against reports of widespread DNS tampering attacks.

Double Trouble: The Razy Trojan uses novel man-in-the browser techniques to install malicious extensions and steal cryptocurrency, while the well-known Ursnif Trojan is back with fileless infection methods.

Install These Fixes: Apple released patches for multiple vulnerabilities in its Mac OS X and iOS platforms.

Phishing Threat: A new phishing campaign warns unsuspecting users that their email accounts are infected and will be closed, unless they divulge credentials.

Hacker Hunt Hiatus: The temporarily resolved U.S. government shutdown may have been impacting FBI-led cybersecurity investigations.