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6 Videos Quizzing Everyday Employees About Security

IT pros often consider an organization's employees the weakest security link because they are the ones who handle sensitive data and have the means to digitally invite in unscrupulous outsiders.

Many companies have tried to compensate for this liability by implementing technologies and services that can help overcome worker mistakes or malfeasance. And, as you know, employee education and awareness is critically important as well. That's why we decided to go right the horse's mouth: In conjunction with National Cyber Security Awareness Month, we recently hit the streets of Chicago to ask everyday employees what they know about security.

Their answers ranged from the erudite (like the woman who won't open a strange link or attachment in an email because she risks getting in trouble) to the entertaining (like the guy who lost his corporate phone at the Lollapalooza music festival because he partied a little too hard).

The six segments, averaging about two minutes each, are below. Use these free video resources to spread awareness and spark conversations within your organization. After you watch, we invite you to join the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag #securitysmarts. Tell us an anecdote of a worker blunder - or a shining moment - as well as you what you've found to be the most successful way to keep your employees thinking about security.

So grab the popcorn, sit back, relax and enjoy!

Are Employees Behaving Badly?

Steering clear of suspicious links is just one way to protect an organization's information. What else are employees doing? Do they need to be sent to detention for bad behavior?

Are Employees Concerned About Security?

Your employees are the gatekeepers of an organization's most sensitive information. How much do they value protecting that data?

Are Employers Behaving Badly?

Everyone needs to make security a top priority, including security pros. So, are you? We asked random workers to grade their IT departments and their bosses.

Let's Talk About Passwords

Weak passwords a major contributor to data breaches. Yet average people are notoriously bad at picking ones that are difficult to crack - or as we found - that they can keep to themselves.

What Do You Really Know About Security?

Terms like "malware" and "HTTPS" are not just for the techies anymore. Average employees should get familiar with these phrases, considering security plays such a big role in business. Did they need a dictionary?

Do You Know the Stats?

Having a firm grasp of security statistics makes you less of a risk to your company. We tested random people on the street to see how smart they are about the stats. How did they score?

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