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Alternative Contracts Offer Government Agencies Faster Ways to Implement Security Solutions

Being able to deploy security solutions in a fast and efficient manner is not only convenient, but also vital in helping protect organizations from ever-evolving security threats. If the necessary security protocols are not swiftly put into place, your organization can be left vulnerable and open to an attack.

Quickly purchasing security technologies is particularly a struggle for the government sector. Such a delay often leads to slow reactions and periods of vulnerability for state and local agencies. The challenge stems from the required request for proposal (RFP) process, which is lengthy, time consuming and complex. The RFP process requires state and local government agencies to follow a specific procurement planning process that often involves: 

  • Preparing and researching the proposal 
  • Submitting a request for vendor bids 
  • Reviewing and inquiring with vendors 
  • Negotiating rates and contracts 
  • Enduring a detailed review procedure

Bypassing the RFP Process

This complicated process can be major roadblock for state and local government agencies and can interfere with their ability to efficiently implement critical security technologies and services. Thankfully, there are alternative options for agencies that want to avoid the hurdles of a standard bidding and negotiation process.

Existing state contracts are available that streamline the procurement process and offer state and local government agencies a variety of products, services and goods at rates that have been pre-negotiated with particular vendors. These contracts aid organizations in selecting a vendor and solution at the best price and fit for their specific needs. Furthermore, agencies are able to purchase directly from those contracts through an expedited pricing verification process - thus bypassing the entire RFP process.

The CMAS Contract

An example of this type of type of contract is the California Multiple Awards Schedules (CMAS) contract, which is available to state and local governments in California. In collaboration with Carahsoft, a leading government IT solutions provider and trusted partner, Trustwave products and services have been made available on the CMAS contract. This is the first state government contract of its kind that Trustwave has been involved in, and we hope to expand to additional contracts so other government agencies across the United States can benefit.