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Ebook: Inside A Hacker's Playbook -- 10 Targeted Techniques That Will Break Your Security

As criminal hackers come up with more and more ingenious ways to take over Internet users' devices, break into corporate networks and steal sensitive information, keeping track of their methods becomes harder every day. How do they do research about their victims? What tactics do they use to home in on their targets to steal specific information? How do they keep themselves under the IT security radar?

If only there were some kind of crib sheet written by the bad guys that we could take a peek at to help us answer those questions. If there was ever such long-lost document, Trustwave researchers would probably be the first ones to dig up a copy. And if they did, it might just look a little something like the document we're presenting here in our new ebook, Inside A Hacker's Playbook: Ten Targeted Techniques That Will Break Your Security

OK, so maybe this tattered hacker 'manuscript' is about as real as those Elvis look-a-likes you'll see on your next trip to Vegas. But we think it will give business leaders some pretty valuable insight into how the bad guys think about their targets and the way they go about their business of stealing from your business.

Consider it your very own fictional Rosetta Stone into targeted attacker's psyche. We've based it on plenty of real evidence that our Trustwave SpiderLabs team gathers about how attackers operate. And we've presented the playbook alongside some pretty legitimate statistics to prove how well these techniques work, plus some useful advice from the good guys on how to counter the bad guy plays.